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Contact information for Marquez Chamber of Commerce

Jeanette Hurley
Chamber of Commerce
318 South Austin
Marquez, Texas 77865

Telephone: 903-529-1419
Cell: 979-324-8944
Fax: 903-529-1419


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Last Updated
October 17, 2012

Marquez Texas - Business, recreation & events

Marquez is located in Leon County, in East Central Texas. The city is easily accessed by two major highways: U.S. 79, which joins Interstate 35 to the south, and Texas Hwy 7, which crosses Interstate 45 to the east.

The Union Pacific services Marquez with two side-tracks. Our excellent water system, owned by the city, has three very good wells to draw water. The community has a state of the art sewer system, designed with capacity for the future.

Marquez has numerous vibrant businesses in the city including restaurants and hotel as well as ranches, farms, RV parks and chicken house operators in the surrounding area. There is a branch of Wells Fargo Bank, a very well stocked general feed and hardware store, and a variety of other businesses.

With four churches in the city, a healthy religious experience is available for everyone. Our voluntary library, with a great variety of books, offers another sense of wholesomeness to the children and adults of the community.

Marquez is part of the Leon Independent School District which provides education for
grades Pre-K though the 12th grade. The district has been awarded the Excellence in Academic rating.

The lush pasture land and frequent rainfall of the area is very suitable for any agricultural endeavor.

The many real estate agents in the area can help find a home place, farm, ranch, business site, or acreage of any kind.

Affordable living and a pleasant climate add to the suitability of a business relocation, business development, or a peaceful lifestyle just to "get away from it all".

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